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Festivals, Rodeos, Fairs, Concerts, Marathons, & other Public Events


Our day to day business is handling the small and important details of planning a large event. OLCC applications, insurance, security, and defining a perimeter is just the beginning of what we handle when planning large events. We can provide a professionally designed package that can ease the process of planning such large events.


When you hire us, there is no need to worry about if the job will be done, and done well. Our team arrives and gets right down to business, protecting your assets while providing exceptional service.


We are always willing to step in and help out when needed to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

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Why choose Oregon Beverage Services?


Get experience where it truly counts. Setting the standard in the industry. Developing operating plans to maximize results.


We employ experience staff, specialized equipment, and accommodate various specialized items to create a portable bar for your event.


We work with our clients and support staff to customize an event and service which is fail proof. Helping select the appropriate products to maximize your events fullest potential.


Best Practices:


- Customization of your event with product and guest flow.


- Point Of Sale: accepting cash and credit/debit cards at events.


- Experienced Staff specific to each type and style of event.


- Products/Pricing: Bringing the best products of your choice at a fair market value.


- Adaptability: Sometimes unforeseen events take place. We have the knowledge and ability to adapt to any circumstance.

Experience & Management:


Shamrock Run - Cinco De Mayo Festival - Rock'n'Roll Marathon - Rose Festival - Marion County Fair - Philomath Frolic - Linn County Fair - Santiam Canyon Stampede - Washington County Fair - Oregon Jamboree - Benton County Fair - Clackamas County Fair - Umatilla County Fair - Lake County Round Up and Fairgrounds -  Harvest Festival - Oregon State University tailgating experience - Mt. Angel Oktoberfest -  Walla Walla County Fair - Jefferson County Fair - Klamath County Fairgrounds - Bite and Brew of Salem - and many more.

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