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Lane County Fair & Lane Events Center

"It has been my pleasure to work with Carroll Unruh and Oregon Beverage Service for many years in support of both the Lane County Fair and the Lane Events Center. The experience and expertise that comes with partnering with Oregon Beverage Service is unparalleled in this industry. Both he and his son, Jason Unruh, have an extensive knowledge and background in pouring for events. In addition, they have a deep understanding of event needs, the ebb and flow of things and how their business not only fits into an event but how it can contribute to the event's overall success. 


It is without hesitation that I highly recommend selecting Oregon Beverage Service as your partner!"



"Carroll Unruh and his staff are truly outstanding; professional, responsive, always on time, always proactive to potential issues and opportunities to increase sales and thereby increase the Fair's revenues.


Of note: Alcohol sales by OBS have increased 129.85% from 2018-2022 - with the Fair's revenues increasing accordingly. Like all fairs, we are always looking for ways to increase much-needed revenues so as to make improvements to the Fair and fairgrounds.


As a fair manager, knowing OBS is responsible for our alcohol sales means there's no stress, no liability, no worries, no complaints, and no additional labor required of our personnel. They show up, they do their job, they leave (after cleaning up everything), and then, frankly, we get a check in the mail.


Again, Carroll Unruh and Oregon Beverage Services has been and continues to be a critical partner in the success of the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days."


"It is my pleasure to recommend Oregon Beverage as an exceptional partner for providing alcohol beverage sale at your Fair. 

Carroll Unruh and the Oregon Beverage team have been an integral part of the Spokane County Interstate Fair for over five years, overseeing and operating all alcoholic beverage sales during our 10-day Fair and at our year-round events. 

Oregon Beverage has elevated our alcohol sales program, offering our Fair guests an enjoyable experience, while generating increased sales annually. 

Oregon Beverage is always responsive to our needs and loves to get creative with us when we want to change things up at the Fair and our other events."

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